Reclamation and Retention is a mandated program and our responsibility to ensure we optimize membership in the Massive and Progressive 12th District. With your help, we will continue to increase membership. As of October 12, 2022, you were able to reclaim 1,618 of your fraternal brothers. As you can imagine, to reach 2,000 financial members, we still have much work to do. We will always lead with the either theme, “Each One Bring One” or “Just Ask” a brother home to Omega.  Your 12th District Reclamation and Retention Committee, with the assistance of District Counselor Earl Williams, designed a survey to gain a better understanding of why there is a reduction in membership from our undergraduates just after their first three-year expiration dates.

Furthermore, our brothers that were once Omega Man of The Year are no longer due paying members, etc. The survey is one of many tools to get a good sample of non-financial brothers to provide data that will inform this committee of potential strategies and effective incentive programs to ensure that brothers remain retained so that we do not have to reclaim the brother in the next fiscal year. Our goal as a committee is to reclaim just one more brother than we did yesterday and retain more brothers than we did last fiscal year.

Please take a moment to view the 34th District Representative Kwame Dow 2-min reclamation and retention message.

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