"The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but in men, in real brotherhood. Eight men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater assets than
eighty with luke-warm enthusiasm."


Brother Kwame Dow
12th District Representative

Brother Andrew Davis
1st Vice District Representative

Brother Kalin Pont-Tate
2nd Vice District Representative

Brother Nicholas Thompson
District Keeper of Records and Seal

Brother Raphael Irving
District Keeper of Finance

Brother William Edwards
District Counselor

Brother Charles "Chuck" Clemons
District Chaplain

Brother Jason Jones
District Public Relations Officer

Brother Nate Rivers
78th District Marshal

Brother Dennis Martinez
Immediate Past District Representative

Brother Damon Hodge
77th District Marshal







Brother Nate Rivers
Alaska Representative

Brother Andre Denson
Mountain West Representative

Brother Duane Thomas
Northern CA Representative

Brother Lewis Brinson
Pacific Northwest Representative

Brother Ed Young
Southern CA Representative