Call to Action: Each brother, bring one brother back into the fold

The above video from District Representative Dennis Martinez and First Vice District Representative Kwame Dow, is a call to action to the brothers of the Massive and Progressive 12th District. Reclamation isn’t simply about finances, it’s about making sure every brother in the fold knows they have have a part in making Omega all it can be. Watch the video and follow through with action as we seek to have every brother reap the benefits of all that Omega has to offer.

Anti Hazing Policy

Brothers, As discussed during the Fall District Council Meeting, the Supreme Council has approved the updated zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing of any kind.  Please review the attached letter from the Grand Basileus, Bro. Dr. David Marion, regarding the new policy.  It is critical that all Brothers know this policy and govern themselves accordingly.  Any violations…

Bro. Charles Peevy, Omega Chapter

Bro. Charles Peevy, 29th 12th District Representative, Omega Chapter

74th 12th District Meeting

XI NU | San Jose, California 2019 The brothers of Xi Nu chapter hosted a successful 74th 12 District Meeting May 16-19 in San Jose, Calif.  The meeting kicked off with the annual Spiritual Revival, led by 12th District Chaplain, Bro. Michael R. Brown. The service also included a message from former Grand Chaplain, Bro.…

The 1911 Project

Presents Brother Franklin Henderson