Social Media Policy

From the 12th District Representative

In the wake of the growing influence that social media outlets and links have on the way we communicate with each other and with others, the trend to include dialog and references to certain items related to Omega’s brand and proprietary information has also increased.  More and more, we see brothers, either intentionally or not, put information out on social media that is either proprietary, secret, or having the capacity of abusing the Fraternity’s name or our members.  To be clear, I encourage open and frank dialog on the issues of importance, and social media discussions have become one of the most common methods of such communication.  Many such discussions exhibit the passion and commitment that Brothers of Omega often have for issues of social justice and relevance in our communities.   But we must also be mindful of the potential to violate Omega’s policies and rules of conduct.  Some communications have the potential to not only paint Omega and our members in a bad light, but may also violate our policies and laws and would, therefore, be subject to disciplinary action.
Therefore, I encourage all our members to read and be familiar with the attached Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s Social Media Policy.  This policy was adopted in 2015 and re-certified by the Supreme Council on August 23, 2018.  It serves as the predominant rule of law for the members of Omega Psi Phi when we engage in any social media discussions, posts or advertisements.  Please protect yourselves and the fraternity by following this policy.  And just as importantly, please think before you post, be respectful of each other, and treat our Brothers like the Family and Friends we proclaim ourselves to be.  After all, “Friendship is Essential to the Soul” and we should all personify and project our motto in the way we communicate with each other.
Thank you.
Yours in Friendship & Service,
Bro. Dennis R. Martinez
33rd 12th District Representative