Anti Hazing Policy

Brothers, As discussed during the Fall District Council Meeting, the Supreme Council has approved the updated zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing of any kind.  Please review the attached letter from the Grand Basileus, Bro. Dr. David Marion, regarding the new policy.  It is critical that all Brothers know this policy and govern themselves accordingly.  Any violations of this policy will result in expulsion of involved Brothers, and any candidates that allow themselves to be subjected to hazing or any other illegal activities will be disqualified from membership for life.  Additionally, Brothers who violate this policy will be subject to civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution, as appropriate.  Brothers in violation of the policy will be personally responsible for any civil damages/costs incurred for any claims arising from acts of hazing. 

To be clear, the Moratorium on the Membership Intake Program / Membership Selection Process is still in place, and currently there is no set date when the moratorium will be lifted.  Therefore, no membership recruitment, informational or educational sessions, training sessions or any preparatory activities related to MSP will be authorized or allowed.  

Any chapters who condone or allow hazing to occur, who conduct any pre-MSP informational sessions while the Moratorium is in effect, or who fail to prevent violations from occurring may also be subject to further disciplinary actions, including fines, chapter suspensions or revocations of the charter.  I remind chapter leadership teams that you have a duty and a responsibility to protect the Fraternity, our members and the candidates from any acts of hazing and their consequence.  If you witness or become aware to any violations of this policy, please contact Bro. William Edwards or me immediately.

Undergraduate chapters and their host graduate chapters please continue to reach out to your respective university administrators to assure them that the moratorium is in place out of an abundance of caution.  In light of the restrictions imposed by the moratorium, we will continue to work with the universities to ensure that Omega’s presence on their campuses and communities is still viable and Omega will contribute to the positive fraternity and scholastic environment that the university administrations seek.  We will continue to be good partners with the various campuses.

Brothers, I am proud of the 12th District’s record of compliance with the MSP standards in the past.  The result of your compliance has resulted in a solid and well-deserved positive reputation for safe membership initiation programs for several years.  I encourage all Brothers in the 12th District to please continue your proactive efforts to to be diligent and vigilant, and prevent any hazing activity from occurring.  This is the responsibility of all of us to personally commit to a membership intake process that is safe and free of any acts of hazing in any form, while also thoroughly preparing the candidate and new members for a lifetime of service and contribution to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and our communities.  This we can and will do!

As Always, in Friendship & Service,
Bro. Dennis R. Martinez 12th DR

74th 12th District Meeting

XI NU | San Jose, California 2019

The brothers of Xi Nu chapter hosted a successful 74th 12 District Meeting May 16-19 in San Jose, Calif. 

The meeting kicked off with the annual Spiritual Revival, led by 12th District Chaplain, Bro. Michael R. Brown. The service also included a message from former Grand Chaplain, Bro. Rev. Dr. Staccato Powell.

In addition to the usual business under the direction of12th District Representative Bro. Dennis Martinez, Grand Basileus Bro. Dr. David Marion addressed the brotherhood during Friday’s plenary session.  

Saturday morning began with Memorial Service, followed by various workshops and the Talent Hunt, won by Jaruwat P. Maendi, representing Iota Iota Iota chapter (Salt Lake City).

The weekend concluded with the Founders Banquet, installation of officers and officially began the countdown to the 75th District Meeting, hosted by Tau Tau chapter (Compton, Calif).

The celebratory and historic meeting will be held May 21-24 in Anaheim, Calif.

Social Media Policy

From the 12th District Representative

In the wake of the growing influence that social media outlets and links have on the way we communicate with each other and with others, the trend to include dialog and references to certain items related to Omega’s brand and proprietary information has also increased.  More and more, we see brothers, either intentionally or not, put information out on social media that is either proprietary, secret, or having the capacity of abusing the Fraternity’s name or our members.  To be clear, I encourage open and frank dialog on the issues of importance, and social media discussions have become one of the most common methods of such communication.  Many such discussions exhibit the passion and commitment that Brothers of Omega often have for issues of social justice and relevance in our communities.   But we must also be mindful of the potential to violate Omega’s policies and rules of conduct.  Some communications have the potential to not only paint Omega and our members in a bad light, but may also violate our policies and laws and would, therefore, be subject to disciplinary action.
Therefore, I encourage all our members to read and be familiar with the attached Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s Social Media Policy.  This policy was adopted in 2015 and re-certified by the Supreme Council on August 23, 2018.  It serves as the predominant rule of law for the members of Omega Psi Phi when we engage in any social media discussions, posts or advertisements.  Please protect yourselves and the fraternity by following this policy.  And just as importantly, please think before you post, be respectful of each other, and treat our Brothers like the Family and Friends we proclaim ourselves to be.  After all, “Friendship is Essential to the Soul” and we should all personify and project our motto in the way we communicate with each other.
Thank you.
Yours in Friendship & Service,
Bro. Dennis R. Martinez
33rd 12th District Representative